Health and Nutrition Claims 


Nutrition Claims

Nutrition claim means any claim which states, suggests or implies that a food has particular beneficial nutritional properties due to:

(a) the energy (calorific value) it

  • (i) provides;
  • (ii) provides at a reduced or increased rate; or
  • (iii) does not provide; and/or

(b) the nutrients or other substances it

  • ((i) contains;
  • ((ii) contains in reduced or increased proportions; or
  • ((iii) does not contain;

Nutrition claims are only permitted if they are listed in the Annex of Regulation (EC) No 1924/2006, lastly amended by Regulation (EU) No 1047/2012. Permitted nutrition claims as listed in the Annex of Regulation (EC) No 1924/2006


Health Claims

Health claims on food labels are claims by manufacturers of food products that their food will reduce the risk of developing a disease or condition.

What is Health Claims? A health claim is any statement about a relationship between food and health.

The Commission authorises different health claims provided they are based on scientific evidence and can be easily understood by consumers. The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) is responsible for evaluating the scientific evidence supporting health claims.

The Commission draws up lists of health claims including the different types of authorised and rejected health claims in the EU.

Type of Health Claims

The so-called ‘ Function’ or Article 13 health claims:

  • relating to the growth, development and functions of the body.
  • referring to psychological and behavioural functions.
  • on slimming or weight control.

The so-called ‘risk reduction claims’ or Article 14(1)(a) claims on reducing a risk factor in the development of a disease e.g.

  • “Plant stanol esters have been shown to reduce blood cholesterol. Blood cholesterol is a risk factor in the development of coronary heart disease”.

Health claims referring to children’s development (Article 14(1)(b) claims e.g.

  • “Vitamin D is needed for the normal growth and development of bone in children”.

An overview of current and future situations on health claims in the European Union including proposals, press releases and memos can be found on the European Commission website.

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