Stakeholder engagement 


Stakeholders play an important role as advocates, sponsors, partners and agents of change. Understanding the stakeholders, they can help build strong relationships which eventually help an organisation achieve its objectives.

On-going dialogue between organisations and their stakeholders provide the best approach to the management of complex issues that characterise contemporary society. Engaging with stakeholders, therefore, is the best way to influence attitudes and foster an environment in which a strong reputation can develop.

Stakeholder engagement implies a willingness to listen, to discuss issues of interest to stakeholders and, critically, the organisation must be prepared to consider changing what it aims to achieve and how it operates, as a result of stakeholder engagement.

Stakeholder relationship is not a “one size fits all” process. Each stakeholder relationship will require a combination of different activities and methods of engagement.  Processes will need to be reviewed regularly and methods adapted as the relationship develops and changes over time. Every good relationship should allow both sides to give and receive feedback and help monitor how the relationship is progressing.

Before starting to identify your stakeholders, the aim of the topic or issue needs to be clear. Aims define the overarching purpose and objectives are the specific goals/targets which contribute to achieving that aim.  The more specific the aims and objectives are, the more accurate and valuable stakeholder mapping will be.

Food Trade Affairs can help you identify and prioritise stakeholders and plan how to engage with them. This includes identifying stakeholder needs, developing appropriate messages, and specifying communications tactics and channels.

Our experience of working with a wide range of clients gives us an unrivalled insight into the most effective ways of getting results.

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