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Our Food Trade Affairs team helps to raise awareness on the key sector opportunities for European SMEs in the EU, especially UK, Spain and Romania, and potential challenges to watch out for. We help you to better understand the commercial environment across the food and drink industries, providing tools to develop and market your business as well as assisting you to locate service providers.

We help businesses to identify their target markets and analyse competitors.

A new market may involve selling a product or service in a new region or country. The implementation of business development strategies in accessing new markets involves a great deal of research and strategy development.

Accessing new markets allows your company to broaden its reach and increases its potential to sell products and services to more customers. This increase in sales can also boost the bottom line of the business. In order to help to ensure a successful transition, the company needs to develop the strategies to use in order to penetrate the new market. Business development strategies can include marketing promotions, advertising, public relations and any other activities the company uses to promote its products or services and reach its new intended customer.

Food Trade Affairs Advisors can guide your business decisions by giving insight into your market, your competitors, your products, your marketing and your customers. Market research helps you to reduce risks by getting product, price and promotion right from the outset. It also helps you focus your resources where they will be most effective.

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