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Chase the vision, not the money; the money will end up following you

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LEGAL, TAXATION & ACCOUNTANCY – Expanding your business into the UK and Europe


If you are looking to establish your business in the UK, Spain or Romania, Food Trade Affairs can help you create an effective presence in these countries with low capital investment and risk.

Our experience and understanding of the food and drinks sector has been developed over years of practical involvement. The Food & Beverage environment is seen as one of the most dynamic environments in which to work in.  Numerous challenges, including more travelled consumers and compliance matters, mean that food businesses require skilled and technical advice.

For example, the UK Government wants to encourage multinational companies to come to the UK. The UK now has one of the lowest rates of business tax (“corporation tax”) in Europe and has a favourable capital taxes regime to rival that of the Netherlands. In addition, UK social taxes are lower than many of its European counterparts.

Should you want to take advantage of these opportunities; Food Trade Affairs can help you through the expansion and cultural change process. Our overseas clients have a wide variety of business requirements and we can usually provide any assistance needed.

We will invest time in order to understand your exact needs, and future plans, in order to ensure that you select the most appropriate option.

Many of our clients do not initially employ a lawyer or accountant in-house and therefore, look to outsource some or all of their legal, financial and regulatory functions. Managing the day to day operations of any business can be demanding. When you’d like to devote all your time to delivering the services for which your business is known and growing your customer base, there are always onerous but hugely important administrative tasks to perform.

Legal and Taxation:

The Legal and Commercial team of qualified and technical advisers are experienced in this field and advises on the following matters:

  • Supply agreements
  • VAT
  • Competition advice
  • Distribution, agency and franchise agreements
  • Manufacturing and packaging agreements
  • Importation/Exportation
  • Protection and exploitation of intellectual property
  • Warehousing and cold-storage agreements
  • Employment


Our Accountancy services include:

  • Arranging initial tax registrations
  • Producing accounting records
  • Preparing management accounts and reports in a format and to timescales acceptable to the overseas financial reporting system
  • Preparing annual statutory accounts for Companies House
  • VAT returns
  • Payroll administration, including specialised expatriate payrolls
  • Corporate tax returns and associated tax planning
  • Being the Registered Office and preparing associated statutory filings
  • Annual corporate tax returns
  • Expatriate services aimed at your assignees

We can act as a “one-stop-shop” for all your requirements or merely provide a single service. Whatever your requirement, we have the expertise to meet your needs. Having worked closely with international businesses for many years, we understand the importance of access to advice and high quality international legal, taxation and accountancy services.

As your business grows, your global tax bill can be affected substantially by how your operations are structured. Our tax team not only has an in-depth understanding of the tax rules but understand how these rules interact with overseas legislation to minimise tax payments and avoid double taxation. We have carried out transfer pricing studies for many of our clients.

For more information on our services, or to see how we can help with a particular financial requirement, contact us.

We provide a wide range of legal, accountancy, tax and audit services to private individuals, freelancers, professionals, start-ups and owner-managed businesses.

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