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We build our strong relationships on trust and discretion

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If you are an overseas business wanting to drive up your profitability and increase your competitiveness, Britain is the place to be. It’s easier to do business in the UK than any other major European economy.(1)

“Trade and inward investment are key drivers of growth – they are fundamental to rebuilding and rebalancing our economy” said UK’s Business Secretary Vince Cable.

Market opportunity

Over 64 million people live in the UK – a major market in its own right. But it is also the gateway to Europe, the world’s largest single market with more than 500 million consumers.

Companies choose to expand or move their businesses to the UK because “Britain is the number one location for European headquarters with more overseas companies than anywhere else.” – fDi Markets

Companies based in the UK can reach more than 500 million consumers across Europe.

The UK has:

  • people with the talent and right skills
  • a simple and competitive tax rate system
  • a transparent regulatory system making it easier to do business

You don’t pay any duties when importing or exporting within the European Union (EU). The UK also has free or preferential trade agreements with many non-EU countries. International companies locate to the UK because they want to:

  • access new or existing customers
  • develop new products
  • find new suppliers and partners
  • do more business in other countries across Europe

If you want to invest, if you want to expand, if you want great incentives and an economy that’s going from strength to strength, then come to the UK – Food Trade Affairs is happy to help you set up your company here.

Establishing a company in the UK

Fact sheet for the foreign investor about how to establish a company in UK, the purchase of an existing company, the establishment of a representation office, the establishment of a branch and the differences and similarities between LTD, LLP, etc.

Food Trade Affairs can help you gain access to prospective customers or business partners in the UK.

For British companies looking to export outside the UK, we can help you taking your business to new horizons.

(1) World Bank 2014. Doing Business 2014 3. Ernst & Young 2014. UK Attractiveness Survey. 

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