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Food Trade Affairs provides advice to importers, exporters, producers and retailers. We are also an online shop, retailer and dropship wholesaler, delivering a complete range of fine luxury food products.


Food Trade Affairs is well-known within the sector for sourcing the best speciality food and drink products from small artisan producers to sought after premium brands. We scour the UK, Mediterranean, and beyond, to bring you a quality range of fine luxury food products from reputable artisan producers. If you are a producer, or retailer looking for a fine foods wholesaler, then please do not hesitate to get in touch. 


We also advise companies on how to enter the UK and EU markets with their packaged foods – advising them on what they need to do during the market access process, labelling, marketing campaign, logistics, and food regulations. Moreover, we help with legal, tax and accountancy services. In addition, we carry out export health-checks to ensure that businesses are fully prepared to start exporting and we advise them what steps to take if we regard them as not yet being ready. It is our goal to support you in developing your business to ensure optimal market positioning now and into the future. 


We would be delighted to look at your product ranging with you and see how we may work together to maximise your sales locally or globally.


If you are interested in getting your products into these markets, directly via us or you need only some advice and directions, Food Trade Affairs will be happy to discuss your ideas. 


International expansion is an important strategy for many food and beverage companies seeking to grow their bottom lines. Food Trade Affairs understands what it takes to succeed in international markets. 


We would be delighted to assist you to take your business to the next level. Contact us today and we will start working on your international venture together!








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